Thursday, July 17, 2008

Writing in Invisble Ink

Or the computer ate my file.

I *KNOW* it! I just know it!

I had this great idea for what happens next in my novel. I know I started it, but when I was sitting at school yesterday, the file I had with me didn't end where it should have. The old version of events was still there.

I figured, I must have just been working on the version that's saved on my computer, rather than the one on my flash drive. That must be it.

So I got home, opened the version on my computer. No dice. That copy is missing the tail end of what the flash drive version has. Hmm. Maybe I erased the tail end and prepared to write the new version.

Then I really started thinking about it. The biggest reason I needed the copy that I *know* I typed is that I didn't fully remember what I had come up with. Days had passed, several of them harried and busy. But I thought about it some more.

And I really started to wonder if I had actually typed up what I'd thought. I pulled out my Novel Notebook and checked to see, maybe I had written some notes down on what I wanted to do. Yep. There it was. My scrawl, stating what I wanted to do next.

I don't actually remember writing that down. And I really don't remember writing the scene (or typing it.) (If my memory is this good now, I'm afraid to think what I'll be like in another 30 years...)

With all the evidence before me, I have to conclude that I only *thought* I wrote the scene. I should have written it. Maybe I even dreamed writing it. Sometimes I do dream about typing or checking my email or other things.

Then, with that situation resolved, I made a mistake. I told Hubby about my "lost" scene. He didn't find it very amusing. Apparently he has never thought he's done something then realized that he had only thought it, not done it. I wouldn't say it happens to me regularly, but every now and again. Maybe it's wishful thinking? But now Hubby's worried that I'm losing it.

But, Hubby, there's nothing left to lose: I'm a teacher and a writer. And I'm married. I *know* I'm crazy.

Who's crazier-- the crazy writer or the guy who marries her? XD

Anyone else have a brain that imagines stories... I mean, not stories one can write down. Or am I my own special kind of crazy? =)

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