Thursday, March 5, 2009

Excuses, exscuses

It's fascinating to me, when amongst a group of writers, to hear the creativity at work. How many different ways can people find to excuse or explain why they can't or didn't write.

It echoes a similar trend in society as why everything is not my fault.

But writers are the most creative, I think. Unfortunate mischanneling of energy.
Can't write because Word has too many features.
Or because the computer has internet access, that's too distracting.
Can't write because I'll edit.
Or because the house is a mess, but that's not my fault either-- it's just too overwhelming.

All valid reasons. Valid excuses.

But at some point, I think, a writer has to realize that they are making excuses. It's not the internet's fault or the sun's fault for being in the wrong place in the sky or even Word's fault. It's the writer coming up with roadblocks.

The first step in overcoming a problem is identifying it.

Now that the new semester is in swing, I have far fewer excuses of my own. And I'm back to writing. Not as much as I could. And that's my own fault. It has nothing to do with the internet... that's a symptom of a very different problem. The problem is, for the most part, that I don't want to write something bad. (This is compounded when I don't like where the story is going.) But this is all on me.

I can't-- I WON'T-- blame anyone or anything else. As tempting as it may be... ;-)
Except maybe Hubby...

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Great story on Twist/Noir - have discovered this blog from there. will be reading again.