Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Name's Marlowe

But not Phillip Marlowe. Just Marlowe.

For my birthday, (March 26th), I got a cat. He's not very happy right now.

I don't think he was very impressed with the car ride. And then strange people and places. So, I have a cat... who doesn't want anything to do with anyone at the moment. =P

It has been nine long, long years since I had a cat in my home. When I moved out, my parents still had several cats.

When I was in high school, my lovely cat had kittens. Twice. For a spell there, we had nine cats roaming in and out of the house. I loved it. I'm not so sure my parents did. (Though, I maintain my dad is a closet cat lover. When he thought no one was looking... you might find him with cat on his lap.)

Then, I moved into an apartment. With a deposit and additional fees for cats. So, no cats for us. Later we moved to a rented condo. Landlady said no cats. Fine.

But, now, I have a house. It's my house. Not only can I put all the nail holes in the wall that I want, I can also have a cat.

I have named him Marlowe after one of my favorite characters. So far Marlowe the cat is acting like Marlowe the PI... after a head injury. A little disoriented and not sure what hell's going on. While bourbon often helped Marlowe the PI, I don't think it's good for cats. I'll try some tuna.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Happy Birthday, Clair!

David Cranmer said...

Happy B-Day and best of luck to Marlowe in relocating.

sayssara said...

Marlowe looks lovely, and he will settle in before too long. Cats soon work out who opens the tuna can!

Writers are more often cat people than dog people. I have two myself.


Reb said...

Happy Birthday! Marlow (who is very handsome) will settle in in no time.

debra said...

Happy birthday, fellow Aires! That's one handsome cat.

sandra seamans said...

Happy Birthday, Clair! My hubby is the cat lover in our house, we've always got a couple around.

Barbara Martin said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Clair.

Your new cat will settle in once he learns he's in a safe place. Although I'm terribly allergic to cats I have always loved them, especially tabbies with white markings.