Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Bad

When this phrase first entered the language, it made me cringe. But, interestingly enough, I no longer cringe. In fact, now that I'm desensitized enough to it's utterance, I've been able to mull it over.

And, I think I kinda like it.

No, really, hear me out. The alternatives would be "my mistake," or "my error." Both are not only longer in syllables, but they are also more complicated in pronunciation. My bad is short, sweet, and easy to say.

My bad also accepts some degree of responsibility for an unfortunate situation. This is something that is so desperately lacking in much of our society. With responsibility taken, even if it's not specific what was done badly, some sort of apology is either implied or can easily be added.

I can accept the fluidity of language. While bad has long been an adjective, I can see it's use as a noun. "Bad" as is something bad, a mistake, a misjudgment, an error.

Like party moving from the land of verbs into the land of nouns.

So, I will readily admit that my initial reaction was misguided. I have revised my position on this slang phrase. I accept it and welcome it. And with it, hopefully, more people willing to accept their own role in things that go wrong.

As for "task" being used as a verb, I will likely go to my grave loathing this particular gem of corporate-speak.

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