Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Creepy Crawly!

I'm not easily creeped out by things. I'm the designated household spider killer... Hubby's a complete arachnophobe. And he's not too fond of other things with spindly legs.

Unless it's crawling on me, I'm not usually too bothered. Oh, I'll kill any creepy crawly that confuses my habitat with one where crawlies are welcome. But they don't give me the willies.

Except this guy. Oh man, I had that crawly sensation on my arms and legs half the night after spotting him in the bathroom. I had never seen one of these in my not-quite-thirty years in Michigan.

And when I tried to squish him, half his legs came off, but he bolted. The legs that came off wiggled on the ground. I found where the rest of him went to and squished him again. And his kept writhing. (Heebie jeebies!)

I could barely sit at my comptuer (feeling phantom crawlies on me) to try and research the thing. I didn't even know where to start. What WAS it?

Well, I found it (love google). It's a House Centipede. Apparently it's very common. Really? Nearly thirty-years of Michigan living, yet I've never seen one of these. I've seen just about every other type of creepy crawly-- from Harverstmen to all sizes of ants to roly polies.

Also on my short list of things that just creep me right the hell out are lobster heads (with beady little eyes) and crawling in the attic with my mice and bats. I have to spend weeks psyching myself up to get into the attic, and no sooner than I reach the top of the ladder, and my legs are already shaking something awful. And that was before I knew my house has House Centipedes.

So far, Bo's not creeped out by anything. She does have one nasty phobia of her own, but nothing like getting the heebie jeebies from a stupid bug. She's too cool for that. ;-) Or maybe she just keeps better hold of rational thoughts in regards to small, creepy, and squishable.

What creeps you out?

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Barbara Martin said...

I prefer spiders to centipedes because they eat flies and other insects. I allow them a couple of places in my apartment to build their webs just to keep the centipedes down in number. Older buildings always have cracks in their foundations and walls for these insects to live. I'm not too keen on biting insects.

I've heard that if you pour a small line of Murphy's Oil along the edge of the baseboard it keeps insects from coming out into the rooms.