Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wait for it...

I'm making great progress on a new Bo Fexler novel. Already 10k into it in seven days. Cool.

The plot is chugging along nicely, with the pieces falling into place faster than I can write them at the moment. This is much nicer than those stories where plotting comes slow, hard, and painful.

But there's a problem. Not a huge problem, per se. Part of it can be easily remedied in revisions. See, Bo's investigating this case, but she's not really THERE. As in, the snark is missing, as is her commentary. Easy to fix on revision, but it's a little bothersome to be writing a story where the star character isn't really engaged in the story. Though, to be fair, she's just had her apartment burned down, taking with it nearly everything she owned. She's a little rattled and understandably so.

The other part of the problem is a noticable lack of sex or violence. I'm 10k in and there's nary a boob in sight and no one's gotten punched, kicked, or shoved. It's kind of strange. I look back over what I've written and the way the story has played out so far, there's really not much I can to do add those two characteristics. Maybe a little bit, here or there, but not much. Not without distorting or destroying what I happen to think is a solid storyline.

Now, I have every intention of including sex and violence as the book progresses, but it just isn't showing up early.

I wonder how fans of Bo Fexler will feel about that. How long can I hold you in suspense, waiting for a blow of either type? I don't mean to tease... well, not really. Not this time. Will you forgive me the wait if I make sure it's good?


Barbara Martin said...

Sometimes a reader has to wait for the best parts while enjoying the beginning. It will be fine, I'm sure, Clair.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Every girl has dry times. Ask any woman over fifty.