Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Queenpin-- my kind of gals

I loved the premise from the start and heard good thing about Megan Abbott's female characters in Queenpin. Even the title looked great.

Overall, this book is a win. A couple of dames that I can enjoy. Tough, focused, professional. The kind of dames I love to see in fiction, though they are so rare.

Though, I admit I had trouble in the middle of the book when the narrator got wrapped up with Vic. I don't care for women who get all tangled in relationships-- which is without a doubt a personal preference and should not be held at all against Megan Abbott. (To give the narrator credit, she seemed to be thinking more with her pants than her heart, but I still prefer if she had been thinking with her head...)

But the book redeemed itself and I'm glad that I kept reading past the parts where the narrator was bemoaning how she was screwing herself. I'd actually like to see what happens with the narrator next-- I liked her that much.

Fans of Bo Fexler may well enjoy Queenpin.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Glad you liked it! She needed a male fatale to "do in" and he was it.