Monday, May 11, 2009

Gender Roles

Came across this link to the pages from an old book called "I'm Glad I'm a Boy, I'm Glad I'm a Girl." It's a children's book that listed what girls and what boys do.

Of course, I find gender stereotyping amusing. Especially since in my life, the gender roles are fluid... and in some cases reversed. Like this weekend where I mowed the lawn and did the weed whipping while Hubby cleaned the house.

Now, when I write Bo Fexler, I don't think about gender very often. There are only a few situations where the fact that Bo is a woman really matter. And some situations where being a woman is decidedly an advantage.

I wouldn't want to be one of the men that Bo Fexler sets her sights on... though, one could hardly argue that any man under Bo's spell can really complain too much. ;-)

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Barbara Martin said...

You have a point there.

The photo amazed me: what woman in their right mind would even contemplate climbing into a dishwasher?