Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Like this Woman

All three of them actually.

Just read Tess Gerritsen's 'The Sinner.' The two female leads, Maura and Rizzoli are good female characters. I'm hoping I'll find them in other books, either together or even seperately.

The case was good, too. Gerritsen's obvious knowledge of the medical field really showed and, for a total nerd like myself, greatly enhanced the story. Two dead nuns, some buried secrets, and some former lovers. It was a compelling story-- with just enough held back, just enough twists carefully paced that I barely got up to use the restroom let alone put the book down.

The relationship drama was the only detraction from this otherwise wonderful book. (See my previous post.) There were certainly some issues where the women were a little too easily distracted by the love lives. It wasn't bad, mind you. I realize that love lives affect the rest of one's life, fiction or otherwise. I thnk, though, that if only Maura's tumultuous relationship was occuring, this book would be even better. Rizzoli's issues were secondary, didn't seem important, and didn't really help define her as a character. In my opinion. But I'm also looking at it through a bias against relationship drama.

The case was good, the pacing was excellent. This one gets three and a half stars. It'd have gotten the full four, I think if there was only one relationship that was going down/up in flames. But still, a good book. Thanks, Ms. Gerritsen. I needed to find this book. =)


Travis Erwin said...

Nothing soothes the soul like a good book.

sandra seamans said...

Tess Gerretsen has several books with these two characters. I think the first was called The Surgeon, but my memory is a little hazy. But the two characters have grown through the books and the cases they work are always great.