Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cleaning Questions

Where did this come from?
Why did I save it?
Should I keep it?
When-- in what alternate parallel universe-- would I have need for this?
Why can't I throw it away?

So, we were cleaning up the old place because the landlady (aka hubby's older sister) is preparing for what we hope will be our eventual departure in coming months. In other words-- we're planning to move out and she's listing the place for sale.

In Michigan.

Snowball's chance, to be certain.

But, we'll all play along and list the property, clean it up and show it if anyone is intersted in it. We stuffed things in the closet that have always just never made into the closests. Like my Star Wars displays I poached from my retail job. Or the pile of Pokemon cards next to my spot at the cluttered dining room table.

Clutter. As we were moving things to try to find a new spot to stuff them, I kept coming back to the above questions. Some things I was able to pitch. Like the bumper stickers for the local radio station that I kind of don't ever listen to anymore. Not since I found the alt rock station. Or the extra cardboard video tape sleeves that have no tapes... how did that happen, anyway?

Then there are other things that I know will be useful someday. Like the lengths of cable for the TV, a landline phone, and the computer network. The adapter for eletrical devices and a PS2/USB adapter. Cord extenders, power supplies, a hard drive, you know, useful stuff. Someday.

Then there's the oddball shit. Like the socket that doesn't match the set and I don't even know WHY I have this particular one. I don't think it even fits the baby socket wrench I have. My guess? My Oldest Bother would like it back someday. ;-) Or the pack with three crayons. Not even Crayola crayons, but some cheap crayons taht I would never use anyonway because they're not Crayola. Debris. Things I can't seem to part with but realisitcally won't ever use.

Espcially once I put that stuff in a box and hide it away some where.

But moving (or in this case, preparing to show a property) is a good time to force oneselve to go through those piles of shit that were always saved for later.

I keep telling myself that when we move into our next place, which should be far more permnent than this dwelling was ever intended to be, that we'll have better storage solutions for the strange debris that breeds in the dark. I even believe myself.

Except for my office. That-- that's just hopeless. The best I can do is subdue the beast for a few days at a time. Then it goes back to breeding more papers, paperclips, and half-legible notes scribbled on half sheets of scrap paper than I can never throw out or find a home for... This is where it's the worst. Like the mother Alien. Somedays I'm lucky to get out alive. Somedays, I really do think I need a flame thrower.

Where does your clutter breed best?

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pattinase (abbott) said...

When we moved to this house ten years ago about 20-30 boxes never got unpacked. They're still in the garage, attic and basement. They may always be there because I never kind the time to go through them and yet can't just pitch them without going through them. So you see, it only gets worse.