Saturday, August 2, 2008

Morbid Fascination

I admit it. I have this insatiable fascination with old, delapidated, abandoned houses. To the point where I'll grab my camera and drive around looking for them.

There's something sad, forlorn, and intriguing about these old dwellings.

Who lived here?

Where did they go?

Why did they leave this stuff behind?

Why didn't anyone else move into the house? (Before it got into this shape?)

Was it tragedy of a preventable or of an uncontrollable nature (poor financial choices vs. death)?

How did they feel when they left this house?

Was it ever a home? Will it ever be again?

Any one of these could be a piece of a story. They can be setting (including mood since these aren't exactly warm, happy homes anymore.) They can be conflict. Or a character's backstory.

That's the fun of fiction. Taking an idea and spinning it off into something more, something compelling or entertaining. Somedays, I can't write fast enough. Somedays, there are too many ideas spinning around to grab one. (In which case, I usually just surf the internet!)

Which picture would you pick for a tale?


Travis Erwin said...

The third would be my pick, but like you I always find these places fascinating.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Lovely pictures. And it sure does look like Michigan. We have storefronts like that around here.

David Cranmer said...

My wife and I take similar pictures all the time and I wish I had thought to post them... It is entertaining to wonder what happened?