Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wasted Opportunity

I remember, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... that books included advertisements in the front cover or in the last few pages.

I've not seen hardly any of these advertisements in more recent books. The most I often see are for the author's next (or sometimes previous) book. Usually the first chapter or something.

This seems like a missed opportunity for publishers to draw attention to their other authors who may write in a style comparable to the book in hand. Publishers could put a page or two at the back of the book with "If you like this author, try these books/ authors." I know that I'd take note, since I'm always looking for more authors that are like the ones that I really like.

If I opened the next Baby Shark book and saw an advertisement and teaser for another author who writes like Robert Fate or has a character like Baby Shark, I'd totally check that book out. It'd immediately be put on my 'books to read' list.

I prefer to spend my time reading things that I'm going to enjoy, but I have never been able to force myself to abandon even a boring or bad book. It's not easy to find more books that are in the vein I like-- anyone who's seen me hanging out on the internet has surely seen my pleas for more authors who write female protags that are akin to what I'm looking for. But not everyone who reads wants to research the stuffing out of books just to find the ones they like.

But I'm thinking that a reader who gets to the end of a book they enjoyed would take note of authors compared in short ads at the back. I would. Would you?


pattinase (abbott) said...

good point. love the old penquins that listed their entire line at the back. i always took note of then.

Robert Fate said...

Clair - Here is a review that lists three authors, all of whom I am pleased to have mentioned in reference to my series. I have yet to read a Bo Fexler story, but plan to correct that soon. Which should I read first? Bob Fate

Baby Shark’s High Plains Redemption, Robert Fate, Capital Crime Press

Pool shark-turned-PI Kristin Van Dijk, the heroine of Fate’s third hard-boiled 1950s mystery (after 2007’s Baby Shark’s Beaumont Blues), could give Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer a run for his money in the toughness department. At the behest of a Texas client, Travis Horner, Van Dijk and her partner, Otis Millett, travel to Oklahoma to track down Savannah Smike, Horner’s girlfriend, who ís being held for ransom. The assignment proves trickier than advertised, leaving the detectives doubtful of Horner’s integrity. After the pair successfully reunite Smike with her family, Millett is seriously wounded by gunfire, possibly from one of the thugs involved in Smike’s kidnapping. Vowing revenge, Van Dijk stealthily and skillfully knocks down doors and twists arms in her effort to identify the triggerman as well as uncover the true motive behind all the bloodshed. Van Dijk’s resourcefulness makes her a winning series character who merits a long run.
Fans of Sara Paretsky and Robert B. Parker will find much to enjoy.

Travis Erwin said...

I always studies those adds and read several books as a result.

Clair Dickson said...

0.0 A celebrity on my blog!

Hi Robert-- I think your dead on that readers of Robert B. Parker and Sara Paretsky will love Baby Shark. (Though I think Baby Shark is the best of the bunch. =)

The best Bo Fexler story to start with? "Sticky" and "Lay and Lie" are some great flash pieces to start with. For longer stories, I'd suggest "Medium-Well", "Par for the Course" and "Private Eyes and Ears." To start. =)

(How exciting! The author of my FAVORITE book! The best kind of celebrity!)

Clair Dickson said...

Patti and Travis-- good, I'm not the only one who noticed and used those old ads. The things I would buy/read now that I have money and a car and such!

Robert Fate said...

Clair - Please email me at
robert-fate@sbcglobal.net with your email address. Thx. b

Zoe said...

I was just thinking about that the other day. I miss those ads; there were a few times when I found excellent books through them.