Saturday, August 23, 2008


Everyone likes boobs. Men look at women's boobs. Women look at other women's boobs. Most people try not to get caught.

Since it's summer, boobs are out in plenty right now. And one of the things an observer might notice is that skinny women don't have very big boobs. If they do, they're probably fake. Or padded. Ever notice how much padding there are in bras...? Anyway.

I'd like to think I'm not too far into the land of Golden Words, but one of the thing that always bothers me is how Bo Fexler might appear in a visual medium-- a picture, moving or otherwise. I would really, really hate to see her have big tits. In my mind, since she's a tall thin woman with some damn fine curves, she doesn't have very large boobs. All natural. She may be hot, but she's not some perfect female ideal-- she has long legs and hips, but not much in boobs.

But last time I checked, most guys are happy with any boobs they can see and hold. Size matters not. They're boobs. That makes them inherently enjoyable.

And everyone loves boobs.


Anonymous said...

Boob size is or can be pretty independent from other factors, even when natural, but there are three ways of wearing them:
- Naturally
- Played up (aka cheating)
- Played down (aka stealth boobs)

It's not just the size-- it's how she uses them.

Travis Erwin said...

NEver underestimate the power of boobs. I agree with anonymous. It's all in how she uses what she's got not how much she has.